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Druid's Den
Druid's Den Pub Rome
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The Vatican in Rome Above the Vatican. The eternal symbol of Rome.

Rome Vatican View Above the St. Peter. View of the dome of S. Peters

Druids Rock  - Colosseum at night.jpg


Druids Rock  - Foro Italico.jpg


Druids Rock  - Pantheon Lights

  Druids Rock  - Rome Arc of Constantine

Druids Rock  - Rome Eur

  Druids Rock  - Rome Eur Horse Statue   Druids Rock  - Rome Eur Statue   Druids Rock  - Sistine Chapel
Druids Rock  - St Peters Basilica
  Druids Rock  - Trevi Fountain   Vatican Columns   Druids Rock  -  Vatican Dome

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After having viewed the still gallery of Rome why don't you take a look at the Virtual Tour of Rome which includes some of the finest attractions to be seen in the Eternal City - the Vatican , Saint Peters , Spanis Steps or Piazza di Spagna, Piazza Navona to name but a few choice attractions!

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