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Druid's Rock Rome
Druid's Rock
Druid's Rock
Pub Est. 2000
Piazza Esquilino, 1 - Roma - Tel. +39 06 4741326

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English Rugby Fans Rome with Sean

Druids Rock Bar

Druids Rock Band

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Druids Rock Bar
Italian Rugby Fans

Donna and Irish Fans Stadio Flaminio

Rugby Team Rome Under 15s
Druids Rock English Fans Rugby 2006
Druids Rock Friends
Tonino Druids Pub Rome
Italian Tifoso
English Fans Rome 2006
Druids Rock Friends
English Rugby Fans 2006
Druids Rock Ken
Druids Rock Friends
Druids Rock Rugby Fans with Sean
Sean and Friend with Handsome Scottish Rugby Supporter
Scottish Rugby Fans in Rome playing Bagpipes
Scottish Rugby Supporter Singing in Rome
Scots Fans in Rome with Kilts
Druids Rock Scots Fans
Scottish Band at the Stadium

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