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Druid's Rock Rome
Druid's Rock
Druid's Rock
Pub Est. 2000
Piazza Esquilino, 1 - Roma - Tel. +39 06 4741326

Please have a look at the map indicating the exact positioning of the druids rock. As you can see the pub is extremely central and within easy walking distance of both the Colosseum and the Main Railway Station Termini...

Watch out you don't miss the Entrance to the Druid's Rock as it is quite small...

Watch out you don't miss the Entrance to the Druid's Rock as it is quite small...

Druid's Rock
Piazza Esquilino, 1 - ROMA
Tel. 06 4741326

Getting to the Druids Rock... arriving by Public Transport is easy.. the closest metro stop is Termini which is also Rome's Main Railway Station - all European, Intercity and Eurostar express train services arrive here .

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The Druid's Rock is located only a 5 minute walk from Termini Railway Station making it an ideal venue to have your first or last pint of your journey... There is seating outside and the pub is well illuminated making it easy to find. The Druid's Rock always has a cosmopolitan atmosphere due to the presence of so many different nationalities...
The reason for this diverse variety of clientele is that so many of Rome's hotels are located in this quarter making it an ideal venue for travellers to swap tales and relax after or before some sightseeing!


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• Druid's Rock every Monday
Live Irish Music 10pm •

• Thursday Mark & Friends
LIVE 10.00 pm •
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